July 31, 2015

Top Ten Tips to Enhancing your Emotional and Financial Relationship

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  1. Know your Values and the Values of your partner
  2. Be aware of your own attitudes and the attitudes of your partner to money (money messages)
  3. Understand your financial position – jointly attend all financial and legal meetings
  4. Jointly develop short and long-term Goals which are aligned to your values and financial position
  5. Develop the skills to have honest and sometimes hard conversations
  6. Understand the power of compound interest, both the negative and positive impact
  7. Acquire Mindful Money Habits – ask the Seven Mindful Money questions
  8. Jointly plan for the Unexpected – take out appropriate insurance
  9. Seek outside help early  – both financially and emotionally – if troubles are bubbling
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey