Perhaps your relationship hasnít worked out in the way you had hoped or planned. Perhaps you had thought it was going to be forever, but it turns out your partnerís forever is going to be with someone else. Whatever the reason, relationships do break down and change but that neednít be the end. Especially if there are children involved. Mediation, or Family Dispute Resolution as it is sometimes called, can help you work through the issues that arise as a result of a relationship breakdown.

When emotions are running high, it is easy to lose sight about what is important long term. Bernie, as a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Psychotherapist, can help you deal with these emotions while at the same time focus your thoughts and actions on your future life and how you are going to achieve your goals.

As part of the separation, the needs of your children must be given paramount importance. Bernie can help you achieve this by facilitating a discussion about the children with your ex-partner in a safe and respectful environment. As a result of these discussions a parenting plan can be drawn up which can later be turned into consent orders by your solicitor if so required. If it turns out that your particular situation is not suitable for mediation, Bernie will be able to issue you with a Certificate 60I which you can then take along to your solicitor for further advice.

Even if there are no children involved, separation of assets can also prove to be a sticking point. Having Bernie present as mediator to facilitate the conversation about the division of your joint property can help expedite the process, decrease the emotions and minimise the costs. Once you and your ex-partner have reached a mediated in-principle agreement, Bernie would always advise you to get independent legal and financial advice.