Bernie Bolger has been counselling people about their health and wellbeing for all of her professional life.  She began her career as a pharmacist and her ability to build a chain of pharmacies led to business success. But while everyone told her how successful she was, she found that on a daily basis she was juggling the demands of her business, her growing family and not feeling satisfied personally. The catalyst for changing her life was reading the book ‘How Much Is Enough? (by Arun Abey and Andrew Ford). It caused her to take the time to stop and question what she was doing and why. She realised her real passion was about helping people, rather than building a large business. This led her to sell her pharmacies and to focus on counselling. In particular, helping women and families, attain emotional and financial wellbeing. As well as an honours degree in Pharmacy, she has a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution (FDRP), accredited by the Attorney General’s Office.